Rob Janesewski

 I primarily grew interest in this division because of what my sister told me about Jacksonville—how the city was challenging, but that the challenge was, without a doubt, entirely worthwhile.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Educational background:
BS from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Rehabilitation Science and minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience
Host Site:
River Region Human Services
What is your title and role at your host site?
I am serving as a Case Manager at River Region Human Services.  I will be working with individuals who are trying to recover from their drug addictions and the destructive lifestyle that has accompanied those addictions. These individuals are in the Medicated Assisted Program and the majority of them are in the Methadone treatment program.  My primary responsibility will be finding community service and government programs that provide the best attention, care, and support that will help to keep these individuals on their path to recovery and societal reintegration.  I will talk with these individuals in order to ascertain what aspects of their lives need the most external support, I will refer the individuals to the programs that I believe to be most beneficial for their current circumstances, and I will follow up to ensure that these individuals are actually taking advantage of the programs I refer them to.  There are also specific services offered directly onsite to the River Region Human Services attendees; it will be my responsibility to help administer and execute these provided services. I will also be responsible for identifying previously unrecognized programs within the community that can be utilized for the benefit of the individuals attending River Region. 
Why did you join the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program?
I have long intended to take a gap year between my undergraduate education and my graduate school pursuits, but I was not always certain what path I wanted to pursue during this year—all I knew was that I wanted my work in my off year to be service-oriented.  My sister worked at a homeless shelter after college via AmeriCorps, so I knew that this organization certainly had interesting opportunities for me. Upon further inquiry, I discovered the National Health Corps. With my passion for humanitarian oriented service and well as my strong interest in medicine, this Division of AmeriCorps seemed to be the perfect fit. My sister, incidentally, also did a year of service in the Jacksonville area.  I primarily grew interest in this division because of what my sister told me about Jacksonville—how the city was challenging, but that the challenge was, without a doubt, entirely worthwhile.  I believe that my personal skills, my education, and, most importantly, my passion for service line up with the AmeriCorps mission. I know that I have been privileged to have many resources at my disposal that most people in this world do not have access to and I will be able to be able to extend those resources and privileges to others.  I feel that if I can make a positive change in peoples’ lives, then I need to be doing that.  AmeriCorps provides a fantastic opportunity for me to channel my skills and resources towards helping those that truly need it. 
What are you hoping to gain from your year of service?
My scope of how I can best serve others is confined to my experiences.  AmeriCorps offers unique exposure to the essential needs of specific demographics and struggling individuals.  My ultimate goal is to work as a physician as I believe that this particular profession is the best avenue to direct my skills and passion to serve others.  This year of experience will provide insight regarding where I can best serve the national community as a physician.  Of course, this experience will help me develop interpersonal and professional skills, but I am most excited to see how it shapes me as an individual.  I am looking forward to extending the knowledge gained from this upcoming year into my professional service goals. 
What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
I am in the midst of applying to medical schools and hope to begin my MD pursuits in the Fall of 2019.  I hope to use my medical degree and acquired talents to serve the national and global community in underserved locations. 
Where do you envision yourself in 5 years?
Ideally, in five years I will be finishing up my time at medical school and will be applying to residencies.  My formal education will be coming to a close, but my opportunity to use my new skills and education to serve those in need will have just begun.